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Weave been through a lot…

But when it comes down to it I guess we pulled a bit too hard at our roots and the very strands of our relationship started to shed.

But then again I guess weave isn’t meant to last forever…

No matter how carefully we try to look after it and condition it to believe that it can stay strong forever it’s pointless because at the end most people split.

Weave suits some people better when its short anyway…

We’re all just bobbing around in life and I guess sometimes it’s nice to just be part of something new for a while even if it gets cut short.

I guess I loved that weave was U.S…

Or maybe it was from China… But wherever it came from it delivered in every way possible that you put a stamp on me and I hope I returned the favour.

You told me weave got this far together…

And sometimes we might catch a couple stitches on the way but we’ll always finish the track but I should have known thread is only so strong and if you cut me off I could knot be whole again.

I know it’s not natural but weave always been on my mind….

It was like a safety net that said if I had you I don’t need anybody else to see what’s really underneath but the edges of my reality are wearing thin and there’s no amount of castor oil that can fix that.

It’s like weave always had something to hide behind…

So when it was gone no form of closure or fronting could match it and I tried to move on and do things and meet people but honestly? I just wanted to leave out all the middle part and just be W_ _ _E again.

I should’ve known though I guess because sometimes weave gets boring or old or it dyes at the end…

But there’s a beauty in that I guess in that you get a new look or even a chance to have a new weave and what’s more exciting than a new weave?  The beginning of the relationship is always the best part I guess.

Though when you look back at the memories and the pictures one day I hope you don’t regret the price we both paid or the quality of what we had because, on review, I think having that weave for a while made us who we are today.

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6 thoughts on “Weave

  1. I just think you’re doubting yourself! Your poetic gift is something special. When I’m reading your pieces, it feels to me as if I’m a character in a story. Your works are just so detailed and fluent, it’s so marvelous. I love your style.

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