I’m really bad at intros (as shown in my first post) soooo hey! I’m Jess, I’m 20 and I write stuff and sometimes take pictures too and so I made a blog for my stuff and pictures basically.

I started writing because it was cathartic when my anixety/depression/general life starts acting up and now I kinda just write stuff/take pictures to clear my mind (if that makes sense 😐 ).

I get told a lotttttt that I think in a weird way so hopefully that pays off in a creative artistic way (kinda like Kanye but like… not annoying 😒 ) or like Wale (but without longing out every song i’m ever in 😒 ).

You’re seeing it already right?

I can’t even make an intro make sense so who knows for what I actually post but if you’ve read this far into my ramble you’re probably kind of like me so I hope you stick around for this crazy ride and who knows I may get better at this 😁

(But probably not 👀 🙆 🏃)