I’d say I was like Casper                                                                                                                             But I’m not that friendly…                                                                                                                       And I’m the one that can see through you.

And some days I wonder

Would I even see my image in a puddle…
But it’s not that deep
and would I even want to?
Word to Mulan on that reflection stuff.
And I’m really trying to change my ways with this avoiding mirrors stuff
because I know it’s bad
but it’s not all black and white…
And the way you make me feel
it’s only human nature
that I just want everybody to leave me alone now
so I stay in and smoke some M.J.
I guess walking through walls has the advantage
that I’ve never had to break them down
And if nobody can really see you
then what does it matter how your behaviour reflects on them?
There’s a Power in being Ghost…
Well 50 per-Cent of the time
And the other half?
I just feel like this world is so unfair Tommy.


In a black and white world
We stood side by side
Just a rookie in this love game
You kept me
On edge

You were always the purity to my darkness
So I let you make the first move

My fragile king

I know you wanted to take one step at a time
So I kept my guard up

But on knights we took walks next to
That old castle
We planned standing at the altar
Where clergy kept watch
As your queen vowed to always protect you

But I could never be straight with you
Always a few steps ahead of my king
If I slowed down
I may have caught on

Your ‘mate’
was checking you

She started off just a pawn in our games
But in time you gave into her advances
Let her take my place
And before my eyes
She became

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Dear Future Me

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Dear future me,

This is the last day you get to stand on the river bank

Playing counsellor to a marriage that’s as old as time

I think you love them both just as much

The giddy rush of holding a whole world in a misplaced step.

You better go out in style
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Where it all started

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So this was my first ever shoot… It was for a friend’s blog (check out and it was done on a phone and a Fujifilm camera (which I will forever hate just cos 😒 ) and there was no depth of field and yeah… the list could go on 💆.

But I love it.

Yeah I’m crazy critical of it but it’s where I found my love for photography and my motivation to start this blog sharing my creative journey. I also found out that quiet blogger friends will grow wings when it comes to their ‘art direction’ for their posts but it’s all love (for now 👀 ).

Well yeah… hopefully you get to watch me get better… and a real camera… but for now let’s just enjoy the nice shirt and lighting 👀 🙆🏃🏾

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Blank Canvas

So… i don’t even know what I’m writing to be honest. How do you write an intro to say ‘Hey I’m about to put my mind/creativity on the internet and yeah if you like it… follow me’?

This is honestly just going to be my creative space where I share my photography, poetry, random life thoughts and on some days how I just feel less than the chirpy ‘Hey guysssss’ blogger vibe (yeah that’s not even me so apologies in advance).

Basically I am just gonna be me.

I think a lot of stuff and take a lot of pictures… of stuff. 

So if you like stuff I hope you stick around for/follow my… stuff 👀😬

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