Where it all started

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So this was my first ever shoot… It was for a friend’s blog (check out http://www.sinachi.co.uk) and it was done on a phone and a Fujifilm camera (which I will forever hate just cos 😒 ) and there was no depth of field and yeah… the list could go on 💆.

But I love it.

Yeah I’m crazy critical of it but it’s where I found my love for photography and my motivation to start this blog sharing my creative journey. I also found out that quiet blogger friends will grow wings when it comes to their ‘art direction’ for their posts but it’s all love (for now 👀 ).

Well yeah… hopefully you get to watch me get better… and a real camera… but for now let’s just enjoy the nice shirt and lighting 👀 🙆🏃🏾

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Blank Canvas

So… i don’t even know what I’m writing to be honest. How do you write an intro to say ‘Hey I’m about to put my mind/creativity on the internet and yeah if you like it… follow me’?

This is honestly just going to be my creative space where I share my photography, poetry, random life thoughts and on some days how I just feel less than the chirpy ‘Hey guysssss’ blogger vibe (yeah that’s not even me so apologies in advance).

Basically I am just gonna be me.

I think a lot of stuff and take a lot of pictures… of stuff. 

So if you like stuff I hope you stick around for/follow my… stuff 👀😬

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