I’d say I was like Casper                                                                                                                             But I’m not that friendly…                                                                                                                       And I’m the one that can see through you.

And some days I wonder

Would I even see my image in a puddle…
But it’s not that deep
and would I even want to?
Word to Mulan on that reflection stuff.
And I’m really trying to change my ways with this avoiding mirrors stuff
because I know it’s bad
but it’s not all black and white…
And the way you make me feel
it’s only human nature
that I just want everybody to leave me alone now
so I stay in and smoke some M.J.
I guess walking through walls has the advantage
that I’ve never had to break them down
And if nobody can really see you
then what does it matter how your behaviour reflects on them?
There’s a Power in being Ghost…
Well 50 per-Cent of the time
And the other half?
I just feel like this world is so unfair Tommy.